First Aid & Emergency Response

Welcome to our extensive collection of first aid & first aid supplies! As an importer, we offer you a wide range of high quality first aid kits and first aid boxes, ideal for resale to your customers. These essential products help companies and organizati

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Normaid Eyewash bottle 500 ml / sterile saline solution 0.9 NaCl
Normaid Eyewash bottle 500 ml / sterile saline solution 0.9 NaCl
500 ml eye wash bottle with sterile saline solution (0,9% NaCl) for quick, effec...
MAISKA Complete emergency response kit
MAISKA Complete emergency response kit
Complete and certified first aid kit compliant with Oranje Kruis guidelines, inc...
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First Aid & Emergency Response

High-Quality First Aid Kits for Safe Emergency Assistance

Our first aid kits are carefully assembled and meet the highest quality standards. They include a wide range of medical supplies, including bandages, plasters, disinfectants, and other first aid materials. With our kits, your customers can respond quickly and adequately to emergencies, thereby promoting safety in the workplace.

Complete Bandage Boxes for Quick First Aid

In addition to first aid kits, we also offer complete bandage boxes. These boxes are compact and easy to store at various locations within a company. They contain an assortment of bandaging materials and are ideal for caring for minor injuries and quick first aid.

As a reseller, you can rely on the quality and reliability of our first aid and safety products. Our products are carefully composed to meet the legal standards and requirements for workplace safety. Contact us today to place your order and help your customers be prepared for emergencies with our high-quality first aid kits and bandage boxes. Together, we can promote a safe working environment and minimize the impact of injuries and accidents.

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